Breakthrough Christian Center

Charter of Beliefs, Mission and Identity

Who we are, what inspires us and how we are organized

  • We are a spiritual body made up of people who have experienced the saving grace of God.
  • We have entrusted the salvation of our souls to the God-Man, Jesus of Nazareth, who gave himself for the sin of the world and rose from the dead on the third day, the Messiah promised to Israel and the world by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  • We have transitioned from darkness to light and this we know because we now have God’s kind of love for mankind. We received this love from God and now we can love our neighbour the way we have been loved – selflessly and unconditionally, through the power of forgiveness and by His grace working in us. (1 Epistle of John 3:14)
  • We recognize the greatest Commandment of the Torah, as taught by Jesus, is to love God with all our heart and mind and soul and to love our fellow man or ourselves. (Matthew 22:35-39)
  • We are and we strive to be in oneness and union with the Lord through the Holy Spirit, which is the mystery of faith. (1 Corinthians 6:17) What makes us part of his Body is to be united with Him through the Spirit and to embrace our place in His body in fellowship with others. (1 Corinthians 12:18)
  • The Body of Christ is made up of those who have transitioned from darkness to light and who have come under the Lordship of Christ. (Rom. 8:14)
  • We believe our primary calling is to serve God by seeking Him, as well as by serving our families, the Body of Christ and the world. We understand it is the responsibility of each individual believer to grow in spiritual knowledge and understanding, both of Scripture and of the account of God working in history.
  • We believe the Body of Christ is a universal and made up of people of every race, ethnicity, gender, age and culture.
  • We are called to be an apostolic center helping people to grow in the knowledge of God in our city, as well as in our country and around the world, wherever the Lord calls us.
  • We are called to be a house of prayer for all nations, working with the Holy Spirit for the advancement of the Kingdom of God through intercessory prayer.
  • We are called to be an educational center as well as to serve the community through civic action in accordance with our Christian believes, when needed.
  • We recognize the fundamental importance of Israel, the Jewish people and the Torah to Christianity as a whole, as well as to our spiritual body and our nation. We are dedicated to the restoration of the Hebraic roots of our faith and the preservation and restoration of the Judeo-Christian civilization.
  • We recognize the historic significance of Christianity and the Bulgarian Orthodox tradition to the survival and the preservation of our nation. We believe the Body of Christ is called to be a spiritual family, patterned after the natural family and the patriarchal Jewish tradition of both the Old and the New Testament.
  • We believe that the Headship of Christ over the man as well as the headship of each man over his beloved bride, are an expression of divine order, caring responsibility and love through serving each other in the spirit of humility. We believe children are the blessing of the Lord and raising a godly generation is of primary importance to us as Christians, and as men and women. (Genesis 18:19)
  • We believe in the local assembly as an expression of the Body of Christ and the ekklesia Jesus came to establish in the earth. (Matthew 16:18)
  • We believe Jesus, being the Head of the Body, his ekklesia, is the one who gives and sends men and women graced by Him for the task of proclaiming his Kingdom as well as for the founding and forming Christian communities dedicated to discipling nations. (Ephesians 2:20, 4;11)
  • We believe in the restoration of the office and ministry of the apostle and the prophet, in addition to the traditionally recognized offices and ministries of the teacher, evangelist and pastor.
  • We believe divine order in the Body of Christ begins first and foremost with the recognition of the office and the ministry of the apostle and the apostolate (the ministry, mission and office of the apostle) (1 Cor. 12:27-30).
  • We accept and trust in God’s provision of leadership, first in regards to the founding apostle and overseer and secondarily in regards to all others He has sent and established in this body.
  • We believe all believers have been called and graced by God to serve him in unique ways, places and people. The ministry of the local body is meant to help all believers grow in coming to know God, every individual to come to a place of knowing themselves and who they are in Christ, as well as their gifts, talents and abilities. We are to help and serve each other in excelling and becoming our best.
  • We believe we are called to be a healing center for the whole man – spirit, soul and body, through the dissemination of knowledge about divine health, as well as by organizing healing and deliverance educational courses, ministries, and events.
  • We are called to unity with believers who know the Lord and are one with him, regardless of their particular religious affiliation or complete lack of any. We reject all forms of fanaticism and sectarianism, be it Protestant, Catholic or Eastern Orthodox. We are, above and beyond all things, children of God and Christians. We reject false religious systems which attempt to control and dictate the Body of Christ, thus limiting or entirely robbing people of the liberty we have in Christ.
  • We reject every form of dictatorship, despotism and statism, placing man above God, including man’s institutions.
  • We believe in the sanctity of human life and the right to life of the unborn, as well as the right of everyone who has been born, to defend himself or herself and their family, as based on natural law and Constitution.
  • We will strive to “be there” for our fellow man, whether this means to serve the needs to those struggling with sickness and disease or serving the needs of those who care for the suffering. We consider it a privilege, an honor and a sacred duty to show mercy to those who are hungry, in need to clothing, lodging or imprisoned.
  • We will boldly and unashamedly think outside of the “box” of conventional religious thinking and formats. We believe in the ancient and eternal moral Law of Moses, the saving presence of the Spirit and the loving grace of our Redeemer. It is because we believe these, we will never serve religious forms for the sake of serving religious forms. We will change anything and everything in our way of life, service and organization, should we need to accommodate the Holy Presence of God Almighty in our private lives and in our lives as a community. We will change anything and everything as needed and as led by the Spirit, in order to serve better the needs of mankind.
  • We respect and honor existing Christian liturgical tradition, even while we reserve the right to not conform to any such tradition if it means obeying our God. We accept and respect the diversity in the organization of Christian liturgical and organizational forms, be they Sunday-morning centric, cell-group based, micro-church based or any possible combination and hybrid thereof.
  • We honor and respect the reformatory work of Christ in the Middle Ages and the tradition of the reformers. However, we reject certain extreme and incomplete doctrinal positions related to God’s plan for the Jewish people, the operation of the gifts of the Spirit and others.
  • We appreciate the pioneering apostolic work God has entrusted our founder with as well as the apostolic mission and calling we have come into by becoming part of this body.
  • We welcome all and any believers of any tradition to join us in our effort to return to the ancient ways of love-based covenant relationship with God and man, to return to the ways of classical thinking and living, even while we navigate the complexities of this modern age.
  • We are not ashamed of who we are, what we have been called to do. We are blessed to be able to take our stand with conviction and we are willing to be misunderstood, misinterpreted, misquoted, mistreated and entirely dismissed by this present secular and religious systems, if this would mean an obedience to God and a blessing to those who hunger and thirst after Him.
  • We believe in changing hearts, minds, habits, culture, tradition and spiritual climates by the power of prayer, intercession, deliverance and spiritual warfare with Satan’s hosts. We will not flinch, retreat and we will never, ever quit.
  • We are here to bring breakthrough in the realm of the Spirit, overturn generational curses and set in motion a cycle of blessing for us and our postering.

So help us, God!

The Body of Believers of Breakthrough Christian Center