Exhibit B: Pastor Kurdomanov forwards internal church communication to someone in Singapore

On December 7, 2016, in an attempt to improve the state of the relationship with pastor Kurdomanov, apostle George Bakalov sends an extremely vulnerable and personal invitation to the pastor, titled „Man to man, brother to brother“. The only other person officially copied in this email is prophet John Isleib, who later also participated as a third party on the conference call fo After tracking the email (tracking emails as a feature is part of many advanced email systems today and is nothing unusual in working communication), it becomes evident that this internal, very personal email gets forwarded immediately to someone in Singapore.

Trinity Christian Center (TCC), a mega-church based in Singapore and officially part of the Assemblies of God denomination, was originally invited by apostle George Bakalov to help the church with the implementation of „care cells“ in the life of the local body. TCC sends consultants and teams to help churches with implementing the „care cell“ model. Breakthrough Christian Center has never been a church affiliated with TCC’s ministry network, neither has anyone at TCC been asked officially to step in a help as a consultant in the internal matters of the church.

This email forward obviously reveals close, one-sided collaboration and involvement on behalf of someone in Singapore with pastor Kurdomanov in regards to internal affairs at Breakthrough Christian Center. Common sense, as well as a professional ethic, would suggest that anyone who gets exposed to matters considered highly private and in regards to the internal process of any church, would either:

  • extract themselves from the situation due to not having been asked to be part of it by both parties
  • or contact the other party if involvement is necessary and thus getting a more objective insight into the situation.

This email was accessed by someone in Singapore (it’s not clear who and how many parties have viewed it), a dozen times – but no one has ever contacted pastor Bakalov or prophet John Isleib in an attempt to clear things up and hear out both sides of the issue.

Pastor Dominic Yeo, of Trinity Christian Center, in an April 21, 2017 email, as a response to an official inquiry, has stated that:

„As a church we do not interfere into the local church’s situation (in this case BCC)

However, it’s difficult to reconcile this statement with the fact that internal communication is getting forwarded to someone in Singapore.

As of the time of publishing this post, pastor Kurdomanov has refused to clarify to whom has he been forwarding these internal emails.

Here is the original email, followed by a screenshot of the email tracking:

December 4, 2016

Kalo, in light of the last emails exchanged, as well as the two hour conference call from last week, I am reaching out to you as a last attempt in pleading with you to please, for your own sakes, for your family and God’s family’s sake, to meet me halfway, and do what we as men should know how to do best – shake hands and give each other our man‘s word that we are putting hostility behind us and we can move forward in the spirit of reconciliation and mutual acceptance & respect. You can’t demand from me acceptance and respect when at the same time since last year you have shown nothing but rejection and defiance. It doesn’t work this way. I am extremely disappointed with the way you have handled our relationship. But I am man and man of God enough to let it go and move on for the sake of God’s greater purpose and because I believe you can also be a man and a man of God enough who can do the same and let go your own disappointments with me and move on.

I tried to do this already in April when we met at the office and I reached out to you and I shook your hand and I looked you in the eyes. It’s what a real man does and I’m asking you as a real man and as a brother in Christ for responding in kind.

But, if you have no desire or capacity to do that, please do the next best thing we do as a men and that is to shake my hand, look me in the eye, bless me for the good you have seen from me, forgive me for where I’ve failed you and move on to pursue whatever better thing you see yourself wanting to do and with whatever better people you have chosen to surround yourself with. I will likewise do the same for you and will let you move on as a true gentleman, I will own up to any and all my mistakes, if needed publicly and will not prevent you from choosing your own path independent from me and the ministry I have been entrusted with by God. You certainly have this choice, as much as I don’t believe this is God’s plan A for you.

If you wish for us to do this over a phone conversation, I’m wide open this week with the exception of Friday evening your time.

But please, I implore you, make up your mind, make your decision and let’s not continue this dance, it’s starting to move into very negative territory and no one needs this.

I am copying prophet John for accountability sakes. If you wish to have him as part of our call, should you choose to have such a call (just with you and I), that’s fine with me, if he is okay with that. I certainly don’t demand or expect this from him, this has already taken huge amount of time and emotional energy from all of us and him as well.

With utmost love and respect in Christ,

Your apostle

Screenshot of the partial email tracking record: